What Is An Internet Speed Test?

Internet speed test is necessary to show the connection speed between you and your connected server to know how your internet speed works. It is a broadband test that uses an extraordinary algorithm that will provide you the stable speed that you get from your ISP. It will show you the average of the fastest download or upload rates in your internet speed test from your area to the area of the test server of your web browser.


The test results may differ depending upon your selected web browser and network congestion.

With the internet speed test application, you can figure out if there is a problem with your broadband link. When you get too much Ping and very slow download, the upload results can be something wrong with your device or connection. If you want to browse your favorite website but keeps on loading, you can go to openspeedtest.com to the internet speed test and know the problem if it is on the server or the link.

About Speed Test

Open.Speedtest.com is a cross-platform application that can test your internet speed in different web browsers. The good thing is that you may run the speed test using any device like iPhone, Android, iPad, Linux, Windows and more. It is also applicable to your desktop, mobile, laptop and tablets. We use an algorithm that automatically checks the stable connection speed while running various file download and upload requests on your web browser.

Moreover, our algorithm can choose the best server for you and run a speed test for you and to the server. You need to click the stat speed test button and wait for the results. The Openspeedtest.com is specifically designed to detect your stable speed. It is a 100 % web browser that uses speed test applications to help you chose the best browser for an excellent and faster web browsing.

How To Experience Great Internet Speed With DNS Hack

Boost the speed of your web browsing with DNS Hack.


Short Bytes: More often, your internet connection is good, but still you can’t able to browse any website. One of the main reasons for it can be issues on ISP’s DNS server. The configuration of a custom DNS server is the solution to level up the speed of your internet connection because it can load websites with great speed.

Furthermore, there are several ways to make your internet faster in Microsoft Windows. Now, I will provide you a simple DNS hack which can boost the speed of your web browsing. However, I need to discuss you things that occur with most of us, when we use slow internet connection.

Most of the time, we blame our Internet Service Provider (ISP) for slow internet connection, but that is not the case all the time. Sometimes, the problem can be on the default DNS (Domain Name System) used by the ISP.


Understanding DNS

DNS (Domain Name System)is a naming system which converts domain names into IP addresses. The domain names usually come as alphanumeric for us to remember quickly. The Internet works on IP addresses. The DNS server for domain name returns its specific IP Address as requested by your computer. DNS acts as the intelligent operator which aids us to avoid the infinite address book of IP address. The DNS manages big tasks.

How Will DNS Service Improve The Speed of Your Internet Browsing?

The slow connection can be the result of an unproductive DNS server. With this, the best thing to do is to find an alternative DNS service. Today, I suggest you for using free public DNS services that will allow your computer to use DNS servers, not default DNS server from your ISP. It can provide you with high internet speed.

Speeding Up the Web Browsing with DNS Hack

To experience faster internet browsing, you must prefer to use OpenDNS.

Configuring OpenDNS in Microsoft Windows

The succeeding steps can help you to set OpenDNS as your DNS server in Microsoft Windows.

    1. To experience excellent internet speed with OpenDNS, open the Control Panel.
  • Proceed to Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click the name of the network connection.
  • Click Properties on the next window that pops.
  • Click Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties.
  • Click Use the following DNS server addresses radio button and enter the following address to experience quicker internet speed.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

By simply following these steps, you can enjoy faster internet browsing.